Alive & Kicking is a powerful school of empowerment for women of all ages and in all stages of their lives. It’s a journey into living shame-free, authentic and courageous lives; knowing who they are and who their heavenly Dad is and how to own their own story and walk I the truth of who they were made to be.

The School can be in many different formats

3 consecutive days (10am-4pm)
An Evening, (7-9.30pm) and full day (10am-9pm)
Or whatever you need.

Topics covered

⦁  Understanding truth & lies, understanding who you are and a deeper realisation of the Father’s love.
⦁  Shame and how to live a shame-free life.
⦁  How to own your story, rise up stronger and have a voice.

The Journey Includes

⦁  Our identity
⦁  Father heart
⦁  Forgiveness
⦁  Dealing with the truth and lies
⦁  Owning our story
⦁  Living free from shame
⦁  Living a wholehearted authentic lifestyle
⦁  Brave communications

If You would like to invite Sue to host an Alive & Kicking school of empowerment in your area then please contact her here


“God speaks all the time, we just need to incline our ear to hear him. These videos are just some of the things God speaks to me about. Hope they are a blessing to you”